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Full-Service Piano Tuning Appt - $230

Only Regular Tuning:  $175.  Annual: $150.  Semiannual: $125

PianoDisc service:  $95/hr +parts

Humidity Control 'Dampp-Chaser' installation - $675-$850

Appraisal - $115 (not for taxes.  Only a certified appraiser can offer a IRS-proof appraisal of a piano)

Touch-Weight Analysis - Complete action rebalance; $1800

About my prices

I provide a full-service appt, which includes any pitch-corrections, a concert tuning, vacuuming of the piano, minor regulation (action feel), and minor repairs (i.e. pedals not working).  This appt usually takes about 2 1/2 hours.  Most technicians charge for these things separately, ala cart. 
Before 2020, I also used to charge separately, $150 for a tuning, $30 for a pitch-raise, $65 for a cleaning, and $65/hour addition repair service.  The costs add up.  So when you call someone and they say "$150 for a piano tuning", it may not include other basic things like "fixing the sustain pedal".

I have very limited time on Saturdays, so I want to make sure I fill those times effectively.

Why hire me?

I've been a full-time piano technician since 1997.  I started working as a technician while in college, and I've been in this business ever since.  You can learn more about me HERE.  

I currently work full-time at Michigan State University College of Music as the Artist Level Piano Technician.  I work closely with some of the worlds most talented musicians;  students, faculty, and guest artists. 
At the university, I regularly work on 6 concert grands for concerts, recitals, performances & masterclasses.  I care for over 200 pianos at the College, which includes everything from Steinway, Boston, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, and Mason & Hamlin.

I have an extensive background in piano rebuilding, repair, care, & service.  I pride myself on my work, my business ethics, & and my accomplishments and it shows in how I treat my clients. 

Can I get a Piano Tuning only?

Yes, but only for returning customers.  I have over 2000 customers in my database, and I've worked with them in the past.  I know their pianos are taken care of and what to expect when I tune for them.  If I have not tuned your piano before, I will not do a "tuning only."  It is important I know the piano before committing to an "only tuning" service.

For my returning customers - $175 for a piano tuning only.  If you commit to annual tunings,- $150 annually or $125 if you commit to a tuning every 6 months.

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